GINA launches on-line survey to gauge user acceptability of Road User Charging and Value Added Services

Growing mobility needs and increasing concerns over the environmental impact of road transporthas led to growing calls for a better and more efficient use of existing infrastructure. Moreover, the advent of European satellite navigation systems EGNOS and Galileo constitute an important component of the global answer to the challenges raised by increased personal and freight mobility and will soon offer new services such as Interoperable Electronic Toll Collection, congestion pricing and several other Value Added Services (VAS) such as Emergency Call, Pay-As-You-Drive insurance, Fleet Management and Theft Management. 


In this context, GINA has launched an on-line survey to investigate how a GNSS based Electronic Toll Collection and VAS provider system could work in practice from a technical and socio-economic point of view. 


To complete the survey, please click on the following link:


  • ITS World Congress 2009, Stockholm (Sweden), 21/25 Sept 2009 - Sara Gutierrez will hold a speech on 22/09, during Technical session 025, from 14h to 15h30!

  • 9th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications, Lille (France), 20/22 Oct 2009

  • ASECAP Think Tank 2009, Brussels (Belgium), 23 Oct 2009

  • 2nd EasyWay Annual Forum, Vienna (Austria), 17/19 Nov 2009 - GINA will be present in the exhibition hall!

  • Galileo Application Days, Brussels (Belgium), 3-5 March 2010 - GINA will be present in the exhibition hall and Sara Gutierrez will hold a speech on 05 March during the Parallel Session on Roads

  • 16th IRF World Road Meeting, Lisbon (Portugal), 25/28 May 2010

  • Transport Research Arena, Brussles (Belgium), 7/10 June 2010

  • Toulouse Space Show, Toulouse (France), 8/11 June 2010
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