GINA present at the Transport Research Arena

Co-organised by the European Commission, the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council  and the Conference of European Directors of Roads, the Transport Research Arena represents a unique opportunity to get familiar with the latest developments taking place in the field of transport research. 

Held on an biennial basis, this year's venue took place in Brussels between the 7-10 June and gathered more than 700 participants and exhibitor.

Sara Guitterez, coordinator of the GINA project, presented the audience with some preliminary results of of the large scale demonstrator laucnh in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, Konstandinos Diamandouros, GINA dissemination leader, had the opportunity to showcase the project via the dedicated GINA stand.


  • ITS World Congress 2009, Stockholm (Sweden), 21/25 Sept 2009 - Sara Gutierrez will hold a speech on 22/09, during Technical session 025, from 14h to 15h30!

  • 9th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications, Lille (France), 20/22 Oct 2009

  • ASECAP Think Tank 2009, Brussels (Belgium), 23 Oct 2009

  • 2nd EasyWay Annual Forum, Vienna (Austria), 17/19 Nov 2009 - GINA will be present in the exhibition hall!

  • Galileo Application Days, Brussels (Belgium), 3-5 March 2010 - GINA will be present in the exhibition hall and Sara Gutierrez will hold a speech on 05 March during the Parallel Session on Roads

  • 16th IRF World Road Meeting, Lisbon (Portugal), 25/28 May 2010

  • Transport Research Arena, Brussles (Belgium), 7/10 June 2010

  • Toulouse Space Show, Toulouse (France), 8/11 June 2010
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