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European Commission DG TREN -

ASECAP (European Association with tolled motorways, bridges and tunnels) -


European and national projects of interest

(projects in bold are still running)

Advantis (Added Value of Integrity for Liability critical applications)
ARMAS (Active Road Management Assisted by Satellite)
CESARE (Common Electronic Fee Collection System for a Road Tolling European Service)
CLoCCS (Central London Congestion Charging Scheme)
CUPID (Coordinating Urban Pricing Integrated Demonstrations)
CURACAO (Coordination of urban road user charging organisational issue)
DIFFERENT  (User reaction and efficient differenciation of charges and tolls)
GIROADS (GNSS Introduction in the road sector)
GSC  (GNSS-enabled service convergence)  
Jovenes Desiguales (MAPFRE)
MISTER (Minimum Interoperability Specifications for Tolling On European Roads)  
OPTITRANS (Optimised Transport System for Mobile Location Based Services)
Pay As You Drive TM
PROGR€SS (Pricing ROad use for Greater Responsibility, Efficiency and Sustainability in citieS)
RCI (Road Charging Interoperability)
SISTER (Satcoms in Support of Transport on European Roads)
VeRT (Vehicular Remote Tolling)


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