RUC & VAS in the news

- 17 November 2009: "Dutch plan to charge car drivers by the kilometre", Euractiv

- 19 June 2009: "Drastic EC Action needed against new Slovenian Vignettes", FIA Press Release

- 27 April 2009: "Écotaxe poids lourds : le système se précise" - Bulletin Transport Logistique

- 7 April 2009: "Delay in Dutch national tolling plan" - ITS International
Camiel Eurlings, the Dutch transport minister, has confirmed that a kilometre levy for heavy vehicles in the Netherlands is not likely to be in place by its 2011 target. Nevertheless, the minister says he is satisfied with progress and hopes to have finalised the law by 2011 and rounded off practical testing. It is planned that a personal vehicle levy will follow that for heavy vehicles.

- 31 Mar 2009: "Poids Lourds: la France lancera son eco-taxe en 2011" - Les Echos

- 23 Feb 2009: "Electronic road toll system to replace stickers" - The Slovak Spectator 

- 30 Jan 2009: Debate on the European "Eurovignette" directive - Euractiv

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