The trials

In the second stage of the project, 100 cars equipped with a dedicated On Board Unit will circulate on the Dutch road network for 6 months. The overall objective of the trial is to demonstrate how, and especially, with what performance, GNSS technology based on the European GNSS infrastructure can support the implementation of a Road Charging scheme as the one identified in the Netherlands and of VAS. The analyses of different charging schemes (e.g. zone based instead of distance-based charging) will be also tested. In addition, a basic overall secondary objective is to justify the added value of this technology as compared to GPS-only in terms of performance or cost effectiveness. Finally, an analysis of the drivers’ behaviour will be performed in order to examine whether and how the use of EGNOS/Galileo can lead to a reduction of pollution and a better management of congestion

Two complementary trials

Two different trial levels are addressed:

1- Exhaustive performance analysis trials, where particular conclusions regarding the performance of EGNOS/Galileo in terms of GNSS performance, distance measurement, GEO objects identification, and charging performance will be obtained and compaired to alternative technologies such as GPS. Special attention will be devoted to the end-to-end charging performances in comparison with the existing requirements of the ABvM system (mainly charging accuracy and overcharging probability), as far as this information is available.

2- An end-to-end performance analysis, where an overall assessment of the system from different perspectives will be carried out.This trial will be executed with vehicles equipped with sophisticated state-of-the-art technology that allows to compute the real trajectory of the car that serves as reference for the performance analysis. 

Both trial levels are very different in nature and the approach to be followed in each level is summarized in the following table:


Type of trials

Number of vehicles


Vehicle & Drivers


Reference System needed

CAN BUS connection



End to end


6 months

Volunteers (ARVAL customers)




Application level

Uncontrolled, not fixed

Exhaustive performance


4 weeks

Controlled by project




GNSS performance

Defined by the project


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